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finally in Cairo~~ Egypt.

Saqqata and Memphis

sunny 37 °C

we arrived in Egypt yesterday the 2 October, or maybe it was the 3rd

My room at the Marriott Mena has views of the pyramids, rooms are pretty normal but the reception area is something that will blow you away.
What I have found is that where ever we go there are check points, police in white trousers and shirts with guns want to know where we are going and how many there is of us in the car, and in some places they were behind a shield like thing, when we asked the guide about them she said it ws only a precaution, we saw kids playing around them without a worry, so why should I worry, have found the people lovely and very friendly.

There is 6 of us at the moment that came a day early so we hired our own guide who took us to see the Saqqara Arcahaeolical site, as well as the Memphis site, no not Memphis Tennessee :) wow and wow,

I tried to take some photo's out of the car window, its amazing how people live here, but they are very happy and we were told don't want it any other way, the traffic!! well I thought Prague was bad, I now give the medal to Cairo, there are over 26 million people that live in Cairo alone, absolutely no road sense, I questioned our guide who said " here in Cairo we get our licence first then learn to drive" they don't wear seat belts, they talk on the mobiles, eat while driving, and just beep there horns to let them know that they are going to pass you. There are no crossing so people and kids just run across between cars.

After spending time at the Saqqara site, which nearly killed me, no, only joking, the sun was quite hot and although we drank lots of water and being our first day it kinda knocked me and another couple a bit. A little bit of history about the Saqqara, Despsite the fame of the Giza pyramids, Saqqarra is one of several nectropolis sites near Cairo. Saqqara is famous for its step pyramid dating from the 3rd dynasty (2667-2448BC) it was the first all stone pyramid ever built on earth! it was also the first to use rectangular tomb structures stacked on top of one another to form a step pyramid. The site hots burials dating back to the beginning of the Old Kingdom up thru the Greek Period of Egyptian history. Saqqara was built 1500 years before any other pyramid.

we also visited the Memphis site, no not Memphis Tennessee . Memphis as one of the oldest and most important cities in ancient Egypt, located at the entrance to the Nile River Valley near the Giza plateau, it served as the capital of ancient Egypt and important religious cult centre.

During the Old Kingdom period, Memphis located near Cairo, was home to the pharaohs who built the pyramids. But domestic architecture didn't last like the pyramids did, so most all that remains of Memphis today is Mit Rahina open-air sculpture. The enormous sculpture of the sphinx, which is 100 percent one piece alabaster, The carving was believed to take place between 1700 and 1400BC which was during the 18th dynasty, it is unknown which pharaoh is being honoured there are no inscriptions to supply information.

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